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Olay is a worldwide leader in skin care and has been trusted by women for half a century. Olay has a promise to women everywhere: “Love the skin you’re in.” Use available coupons to save on Olay products. It brings healthy, beautiful skin to more than 80 million women on five continents. Women choose Olay over the competition because it offers strong performance at a good value. Eight out of 10 dermatologists surveyed at the World Congress of Dermatology said they would recommend Olay for the care of skin.

Olay was originally created by South African chemist Graham Wulff and his wife in the 1950s. They created the original Oil of Olay Beauty Fluid from a fusion of innovative science and a unique understanding of women, which remains the essence of Olay’s approach to developing a broad range of skin care products to this day.

Olay is committed to providing safe products to consumers. Ensuring the safety of their products is a responsibility that Olay takes very seriously. In fact, each year, Olay conducts over 400,000 safety and quality tests to ensure an excellent experience for women around the world. All Olay ingredients must be substantiated for safety over a lifetime of intended use prior to manufacturing. As an example, they conducted over 250 separate safety evaluations for new Olay products formulations in the last year alone. More than 1,000 Procter & Gamble employees globally, work full time to ensure the safety and regulatory compliance of the products and operations, including more than 500 working directly on product safety.

Product Review: Olay Definity Color Recapture Moisturizer – Fair/Light SPF 15: WHAT WILL DEFINITY DO FOR MY SKIN? Olay Definity is an advanced anti-aging line that is designed to treat both color and texture imperfections. The essential glucosamine complex in Olay Definity penetrates up to 10 surface layers deep, hydrating to help correct the look of discoloration, dullness, brown spots, PLUS fine lines and wrinkles. The result is more flawless, luminous skin in just 8 weeks.

WHAT IS SPECIAL ABOUT COLOR RECAPTURE? Olay Definity Color Recapture perfects skin tone layer by layer, helping you recapture youthful luminosity. This breakthrough triple stream formula combines: Anti-Aging UV moisturizer that penetrates deep and hydrates to diminish the appearance of discoloration and wrinkles over time. SPF 15 for broad spectrum protection against damaging UVA/UVB rays. Sheer illuminating coverage to instantly even skin. Olay Definity Color Recapture is fragrance-free and available in three unique tones: Fair to Light, Light to Medium and Medium to Deep. Create the perfect skin care solution for you with the Definity line of advanced anti-aging products.

How to Hide Skin Damage With Cosmetics: The dream of every woman is perfect, even, smooth, radiant facial skin. However, the events of life, such as stress and hormonal changes, do not always allow for facial skin to appear blemish free. Occasionally, acne intervenes, freckles appear, or the scars from old injuries are apparent. Colored cosmetics provide an excellent tool to achieve the look of beautiful skin when blemishes surface.

Cosmetics can be used to camouflage two types of facial defects: defects of color and defects of contour. Defects of color include the redness from acne bumps, brown discoloration of the face from hormones, or age spots from sun exposure. The main cosmetic used to camouflage color defects is facial foundation. Use a medium coverage facial foundation that blends nicely with the skin color on the jawline. On top of this foundation, one of the new powder facial foundations can be used to increase coverage and provide an even, matte look. Blush and eye shadow can then be applied to complete the facial color camouflage.

Contour defects are a little more difficult to camouflage, but with a basic understanding of a simple art concept, this too can be mastered. Artists know well that dark colors tend to make objects recede while light colors tend to make objects appear to move closer. This basic principle of light is how artists add three dimensionality to their paintings. You too can use this technique to minimize the bumps from scars or the deep pits from acne. You will need a powder blush two shades lighter than your skin color and two shades darker than your skin color. The lighter blush should be applied on top of facial foundation on areas that are depressed, such as pitted acne scars, and the darker blush should be applied on top of facial foundation on areas that are protuberant, such as acne lesions or thickened scars. The remainder of your colored facial cosmetics should then be applied. Colored cosmetics are a wonderful way to maximize the appearance of your skin. All it takes is a little artistry. Experiment to find what looks the best on your face. Remember, if you make a mistake, you can always wash it away and start over! Source: Zoe Diana Draelos, MD, www.olay.com